Industrial Robots

24a offers a wide range of industrial robot applications with various functionalities, payload capacities and specifications. Mechatronics knowledge combined with the latest technologies gives us the tools to create intelligent automation solutions, ready for industry 4.0.

Tailor-made innovative robot applications

All our robot applications are tailor-made for our customers.  Our knowledge in robotic innovation and integrated solutions, together with a specifications process with you, creates an environment for state-of-the-art robotic systems.


Creating an efficient automated environment

Our spectrum of robotic solutions also includes the appropriate peripheral equipment. From linear units to end effectors, combined with cutting-edge software and innovative controllers, we can create individual solutions for your manufacturing processes. Right from solutions with maximum speeds behind a safety fence to mobile solution with automated productions cells. Our solutions are Industry 4.0 ready, and can run from full-automatic to a direct collaboration between humans and machines in HRC operation.

Robot Applications


A successful blasting solution strongly depends on the composition of the complete blasting chain. The desired results can only be obtained when the correct choice and alignment of the various chain components are made. With 24a’s experience, professional know how and wide range of high-quality equipment you are assured of reaching the best possible blasting results under all circumstances.


In general, it is a very good idea to have your metallization processes automated through robotic solutions, this to avoid human involvement as much as possible. We at 24a take great pride making this part of the manufacturing processes as smooth and efficient as possible, with a focus on the highest end-product.


An automated painting robot require specialized equipment that makes it accurate and consistent in its paint flow. We at 24a have over the years specialized us in painting robots and know that specialized equipment is needed, together with a variety of technologies to solve the challenges associated with achieving consistently premium paint finish quality.

Arc welding

Arc welding is a process of using large electric current to melt and fuse a consumable metal onto the base metal. The combination of technology, techniques and quality has led to improvements in arc welding. 24a’s expertise in advanced technologies will help you make a volume of products that have the highest quality.

Material Handling

Transporting objects from one to another, is the basis of material handling. Building a robot with the appropriate end of arm tool, the robot can efficiently and accurately move your products efficient and safely. 24a offers you an extensive line of possibilities when it comes to your automated material handling needs.


Stacking boxes, bag, cases, bottles and cartons onto pallets can be a demanding process, that needs the correct palletizing robot application. The three major challenges in palletizing are pattern flexibility, tooling flexibility and cycle time.24a can provide a solution that will give your production line the palletizing flexibility and product rate it needs, to keep you competitive.


Like palletizing robots, packaging robots has to be extremely flexible and easy to integrate into a workspace. The advantages of robots packaging your products, is reducing the package time and the ability to lift larger packages. 24a offers you customized packaging solutions, that are very flexible and efficient.


At 24a we optimize complicated assembly processes through advance automation control technology. This will give you an assembly system that is of latest technology and highest quality. 24a can create a hardware and software solution that will help you to solve complex assembly challenges.


Robotic sanding consists of smoothing down surfaces, so the object becomes clean and smooth. Whether we are making a robot for small objects or large surfaces, our robots can make beautiful end products. Our sanding solution will help you out to create surfaces on your products that are of highest standards.


Drilling robots provide the best alternative to the taxing task of manual drilling. It is very cost efficient and will improve the speed of your production. By using robotic drills, the human workers are also removed from a harmful environment full of dust.


Our cutting robots helps you to automate the process of removing material from an object or dividing this object into several smaller pieces. The robot is extremely precise and accurate, while at the same time increasing production speed. Like the drilling robots, keeps it humans away from potential harmful jobs.

Your custom-made robot

All our robot applications are more or less customized but if you could not find your robot application on the list? Worry not! We at 24a are always up for a challenge and are ready to create a new type of robot for your demand. So, if the robot does not exist, we will make it from scratch.