Project – Flexisort


Development of regional, circular recycling concept for collected hard plastic, plastic film and metal in North Jutland.

Project start January 2016. Project completion at the end of 2017.

Central sorting of a source-divided recyclable fraction from private households has existed for many years abroad and is now increasingly being established in Denmark, where in particular in Jutland various collection schemes have been established. The collected mixed materials (eg. plastic and metal packaging) are sorted at central sorting plants with different degrees of built-in automatic sorting technology.

The project is working on the development of methods that can be implemented in connection with a new sorting plant that is being built at I / S Reno-Nord. The plant will handle source-divided, household-collected hard plastic, plastic foil and metals as well as hard plastic collected via recycling sites. The focus is on developing a technology for improved sorting of plastic, so that a plastic quality is obtained which is sufficiently high for the plastic to be processed locally.

Read more about the project here (only in danish): https://www.teknologisk.dk/projekt-flexisort/36975