24a on-site service

Commissioning, maintenance, repair work and servicing are just some of the advantages, you will have through our service program.

Service right from the start

24a specialists are ready to move out, when you need them. Through our on-site service program, we can make sure that your robot, cell or system receives full attention. This helps you to avoid downtime, which is costly for your production. At the same time, you will have the highest possible access to spare parts, at all time.


Experienced 24a specialists will help you through all commissioning phases, and we will tailor a suitable service and maintenance packages that meets your requirements. It all starts with the first application steps and continues through the whole integration process of robots, cells and systems into your production system.



Quick repair response time

When things go wrong, one thing matters most and that is reducing your downtown as much as possible. Our 24a helpdesk system will make sure, that the right service specialists are contacted and make their way to your site as quickly as possible. In this way, we ensure high availability of your production facility. Required spare parts are accessible when needed, so the waiting time is short and your production system is back on track as quickly as possible.



Making sure everything works

With the efficient 24a service and maintenance packages, you have access to the people who developed and assembled the robot, cell or system and turned it on. Whether it is regular maintenance, statutory inspections, load tests or optimizations of your process and system, our experts will have the technical knowledge to the job. They are able to detect and eliminate any deterioration early on, which means maximum availability of your systems right from the start. At the same time, we will make sure to make the life of your robot, cell or system as long and comfortable as possible.


The advantages of 24a maintenance and servicing:

  • Minimizing your robot, cell or system downtime
  • Optimizing your system’s reliability and productivity
  • Forward planning for optimal business work flow
  • Documentation of preventive maintenance work to insure the highest quality



The 24a specialists are ready to help you out, so get in touch!



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